About Automotive Forum România

Automotive Forum Romania brings together partners, leaders from the automotive industry, integrated tax consulting companies, service providers dedicated to the industry, certification companies and governmental institutions.

The first part of the event will focus on quality solutions, development and innovation, financing and cost reduction. The second part of the day will target inspirational speeches of high-end speakers.

On the second day, the topics discussed will be related to leadership and management coaching, market analysis and branding – trends in development, growth, prominence and related services. Engaging sessions will be dedicated to human resources and sales departments, thereby addressing topics related to the company’s internal and external communications and customer relations.

  • 2Mila Srl LODI Other Manufacturer
  • Accelera Bucuresti Training Service Provider
  • AKTRION DOLJ Quality Service Provider
  • Alten Si-Techno Timis IT Service Provider
  • Austral Trade Arad Services Service Provider
  • Automotive Cluster Serbia Serbia Automotive Supplier
  • AUTONOM SERVICES Timis Logistics Service Provider
  • Aviroms Rent A Car Timis Automotive Service Provider
  • Clubul degustatorilor de vin neautorizati Arad Public Relations Service Provider
  • COMPONENTE AUTO ARGES Automotive Manufacturer